Collect & Earn With B0UG3


B0UG3 provides a meaningful way for artists to build their following, while retaining the value of their work. We mint artists’ & brands’ original creations and register them to the blockchain as an NFT. This provides a trustworthy public digital provenance of ownership and allows B0UG3 to tie commercial usage of the creative asset to its owner.

Purchasing an original master piece entitles the holder of the asset to profits of the original work, which are paid out quarterly in the form of United States Dollar Coin. The royalties are split with 51% going to the original artist, 34% going to the patron holder/owner of the original masterwork, and 15% to B0UG3.

The sale of masterworks are split 80-20, between the artist and B0UG3.

In addition to masterworks, B0UG3 also mints limited run editions of the digital work on the blockchain. While these physical items are simple collectibles, due to the nature of their documented limited production and associated ownership, any increase in popularity or commercial success of the artist could have tangential impacts on the value of these collectibles.

Item Label
Label Description
1 of a kind, unique, initial artistic creation
[Ultra Rare]
1 of a kind, unique, derivative digital artistic creation
2-5 prints, limited circulation production
6-25 prints, limited circulation production
26-100 prints, limited circulation production
101-1000 prints, limited circulation production
1000+ prints, unlimited circulation production


What is an NFT?

    • An NFT, or a non-fungible token, is an official certificate of ownership of an item in either the physical or digital form recorded on the blockchain. Its purpose is to prove the ownership rights to some unique item (in this case physical artwork) and protect the buyer from fraudulent reproductions of their item.


      • Because technology has finally provided a way for artists and creatives to value their original works outside of the traditional fine art institution.
      • Because art appreciates in value if you can prove the authenticity of its origins. We think every individual should have the right to decorate their homes with art that gains value without breaking the bank.
      • Because you could be helping the next Banksy, Warhol, or Basquiat reach the mass markets based on merit, not access.
      • Because the underlying value of the artwork is measured in ETH not USD – its value appreciates with the growth and adoption of blockchain based tokens in the broader economy.
      • Because buying generic prints from big box retailers and their eCommerce sites is just so damn boring.

How does it work?

    • First you must purchase an original masterwork or limited run edition.
    • You will receive your physical product within 2 weeks, during which time your ownership of the physical product will be minted and secured on the blockchain and then sent out to you via digital frame for display.
    • You will also receive an ownership certificate PDF delivered to your purchase email and a management account with B0UG3 to keep you updated on the change in value of your artwork.
    • If you already have established a crypto wallet, we can transfer full custody of the NFT to to you via your public key, or we can act as a custodial agency on your behalf.
    • If you own the NFT of an original masterwork, you are entitled to 34% royalties on the profits of all future merchandising efforts from the point of purchase, and will receive quarterly payouts with line level updates of the artist’s brand performance by work. We highly encourage you to work with B0UG3 as your digital portfolio manager, as they handle the relations between artist and patron.

Shipping & Delivery

  • Masterworks
    • All Masterworks will be securely packaged and insured with a trusted domestic carrier partner within 3-5 business days of purchase. You should expect your delivery within 7 days of your transaction. These items are pre-minted and held by B0UG3 for initial sale.
  • Limited Edition Canvas Prints
    • All Limited Edition Canvas Prints are minted at the time of purchase, with the minting process taking 6-9 days. We estimate a 2 week timeframe for deliveries.