the great american meme

Our brand is a meme. What is a meme? Simply, shit passed down for generations through culture and (mis) behavior. Sometimes symbolic, often absurd, almost genetic — except they multiply through rituals, jokes, and Internet message boards, not birds or bees. Much like the Entitled Little Bitch.
The ELB existed long before our brand was conceived by vape and notepad in an Ann Arbor dorm room and will exist long after our server is nuked come World War III. They’ve lived and thrived as long as humanity has. From Roman baths to English courts, skyscraping boardrooms to ancient caves, elite collegiate clubs to grimy free speech forums, entitlement will never die. May as well embrace it until we do.
Whether in prep school campuses or L.A. mansions, summer colonies or NYC, everyone wants to dress like their daddy is rich. These days, it’s almost a meme. So, why tees and sweats, not blazers and nantucket reds? Casual wear is intrinsically tied with the ELB. Poster boy of entitlement (and little bitchdom) F. Scott Fitzgerald invented the word “t-shirt” in his 1920 novel This Side of Paradise. He was a somewhat self-aware prick. Be one too.
The meme starts with you.

s/s '21