To Quantify the Economic Value of Creativity and Provide Artists & Creatives Alike With a Means to Capitalize Their Skills In Our Free Market Society.


Uh. What?

What we mean is we’re a bunch of art ho e-people, re-democratizing the art market & recreating the culture economy for the tech age. Please. Keep up.

We use Blockchains & NFTs to establish legal ownership over creative work, making it valuable financially for buyers without devaluing the original.

B0UG3 is a part of our larger efforts to bring transparency & accountability to economic systems of power. Our blockchain-based solutions empower any individual to build a business around their authentic passions, skillset, or self.

Meet The Team

Casimir Stone

Writer. Artist. Entitled Little Bitch.

Chief Creative


Madison Spence

Engineer With A Creative Side. Rare.

Connor borrego

Will Sell You As An NFT.

Growth Product Manager

Back End Architect

Matthew Pierce

Certified Daddy Since 10th Grade.

Samuel Han

Big Developer Energy.

Front End Developer