ELB x AMS FDR Phony Alt Long Sleeve Tee



100% cotton tee, digitally printed with beloved socialist icon Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Depending on who you ask about this ELB , you’re likely to receive a smattering of reasons for how he’s one of the best and worst presidents of this country. During an age when a man confined to a wheel chair had to go to great lengths to maintain the illusion of being a strong leader in the face of both national and global crises. This guy knew how to work a political machine having come of age in the gilded age of corruption, and while his daddy wasn’t president or anything, his cousin sure was. His strongman machine politics, held over from the gilded age, where inspiring, but ill thought through. The precedence his office established has enabled later strongmen presidents to push through their agenda in similar undemocratic fashions.

The Arming Main Street coalition is certifying FDR as a 100% certified Phony, don’t be fooled. Featuring the future of governance & currency, our crypto, COBL. Petition for the referendum here.

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