ELB x AMS Obama Phony Tee



100% cotton tee, digitally printed with beloved post-racial American President Barack Hussein Obama II.

Is it fair to call the first American President of color an ELB? Maybe, maybe not. Obama certainly led a jet setting lifestyle from an early age, having spent several of his formative years in international schools in South East Asia and the ability to trace his maternal lineage to 6 other American presidents as well as other substantial American Historical figures. His legacy is mostly of continuing the globalist neoliberal machine politics of his predecessors with little more than strong marketing around ‘Hope’ & ‘Change’. Shout out to the original, social media President.

The Arming Main Street coalition is certifying Obama as a 100% certified Phony, don’t be fooled. Featuring the future of governance & currency, our crypto, COBL. Petition for the referendum here.

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